[Design Analysis] Seedly: Expense Management

Designing for an efficient & meaningful expense management experience

Alden Tan


Credits: Seedly

Note: This is an unsolicited design exercise.

I have been using Seedly a lot to track my expenses. The other inefficient alternative which I previously engaged in for a while was to map out my expenses (cash, credit card etc.) all in one spreadsheet and plot out the trends. That was usually highly time consuming and frankly, not something I get particularly excited about doing 😅

However, with Seedly — an app that allows you to track expenses while also interact with a budding community to become more financially savvy — the job becomes a lot easier for me. I can sync my account transactions to the app, or just do it on the fly. Unfortunately, as DBS is no longer an option for syncing my expense data on Seedly, I have been doing the latter instead. And honestly, it isn’t that bad as compared to the whole tedious Excel process.

Still, I do notice certain friction points that occasionally pop up as I use the product. And so, I could not resist that innate itch to then jump on a quick design analysis of Seedly and how the product design may be better optimised to meet user & business objectives.

If you are lazy to keep reading on, I have compiled my analysis and the relevant design concepts in a deck. Click 👉 here 👈 to read & understand my entire thought process, or scroll all the way to the bottom of this article to view the slides.

Otherwise, read on below for a quick summary of the key points!

1. Scope/User Stories/Persona

The scope of this redesign focuses on the expense management function of the Seedly app. The core objective of this analysis lies in optimising the user flow of tracking and recording one’s expenses/finances from a usability perspective.

I summarised the key user stories specific to Seedly as such:

Therefore, the goal in this context is clear: effective tracking and management of one’s finances. To…



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